Opt out from receiving Yellow Books 

Since 2014, households have had the option to Opt Out. If you no longer wish to receive the Yellow Book (and/or Yellow Local Book, if applicable) for your area please follow the steps below to opt out your address.

Your Opt Out will not be effective this year if you have missed the opt out cut off date. You will be opting out of the next book edition. You can find plenty of helpful info on the opt out process in our FAQs section.

Please note: You can currently only opt out of residential delivery. Businesses will be approached as per usual and offered up to five books during the delivery period for their area.

Please view the book production schedule here.

Final opt out dates: 

Book Opt Out Cut Off Delivery Start
Auckland 16-Jan-18 16-Mar-18
Marlborough 16-Jan-18 16-Mar-18
Gisborne 23-Jan-18 23-Mar-18
Wairarapa 6-Feb-18 6-Apr-18
Rotorua (Local) 23-Jan-18 23-Mar-18
Tauranga (Local) 23-Jan-18 23-Mar-18
Manawatu 27-Feb-18 27-Apr-18
Southland 13-Mar-18 11-May-18
Ashburton (Local) 27-Mar-18 25-May-18
Kapiti & Horowhenua (Local) 27-Mar-18 25-May-18
Nelson & Bays 27-Mar-18 25-May-18
Bay of Plenty 17-Apr-18 15-Jun-18
North Canterbury & Kaikoura (Local) 10-Apr-18 8-Jun-18
Northland 29-May-18 27-Jul-18
Southern Lakes (Local) 19-Jun-18 17-Aug-18
Taranaki 19-Jun-18 17-Aug-18
Christchurch 3-Jul-18 31-Aug-18
Rodney (Local) 10-Jul-18 7-Sep-18
Franklin (Local) 17-Jul-18 14-Sep-18
Waikato 14-Aug-18 12-Oct-18
Eastern Bay (Local) 28-Aug-18 26-Oct-18
Central Plateau (Local) 28-Aug-18 26-Oct-18
West Coast & Buller 14-Aug-18 12-Oct-18
Wellington 28-Aug-18 26-Oct-18

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