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Opt Out FAQs for Yellow® phone book users

Opt Out FAQs for Yellow® advertisers

Opt In Auckland White Pages® residential book

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Opt Out FAQs for Yellow® phone book users

Living in Auckland?

All other regions (excluding Auckland)

When can I opt out of receiving phone books?

Am I opting out of this year's phone book?

What if I want to keep receiving the Yellow Pages®?

What if I want to keep getting the White Pages®?

What if I move house?

Do I have to tell you which books I want each year?

I've ordered or cancelled a book - but I've changed my mind. What should I do?

Why are you doing opt out for the Yellow Pages®, when you're doing opt in for the Auckland Residential White pages®?

Does this mean Yellow® is pulling out of the directories business?


Opt Out FAQs for Yellow® advertisers

What's happening in Auckland?

What's happening in the rest of New Zealand?

How will this affect my current ad booking?

How will this affect your circulation figures?

As Yellow® will be distributing less books, shouldn’t my print spend be discounted accordingly?

Will customers still be able to find my business if they're not getting the book?


Opt In Auckland White Pages® Residential Book

Why am I not receiving the White Pages® Residential Book to my business this year?

Why is the Auckland White Pages® Residential book not part of my usual book delivery?

Why is there a charge for White Pages® Residential Books to Auckland businesses?

How long will I continue to receive the Auckland White Pages® Residential book if I order it today?

How was the change to White Pages® Residential Book delivery to Auckland businesses communicated?

What happens next year? Do I have to order a book each year?

What happens if I shift house?

When can I expect to receive the Auckland White Pages® Residential book?

Can I opt out of receiving books that are not the Auckland White Pages® Residential Book?

Will I have to opt in to receive the White Pages® Residential book in other regions?

I’ve confirmed that I wish to continue to receive the Auckland White Pages® Residential book – however I’ve changed my mind. Can I cancel my request?

I live outside the Auckland region – can I order the Auckland White Pages® Residential book?”

Is this a move to start phasing out print directories?

What if I want to cancel my Auckland White Pages Residential Opt In request?

What are the environmental benefits?

What are the usage habits in Auckland?


About YPGBooks.co.nz

What is the purpose of this website?

How many books can I order?

Which order reason do I use?

Will you email me with promotions if I give you my email address?

What is the reminder email?

Are my credit card details safe if I make a purchase on this site? Are my details secure?

What payment options do you accept on this site?

Can I cancel my order?

Will you refund me if I cancel my paid order?

What does Del. Start mean?

How long will it take for books to be delivered after I place an order?

How will orders from this website be delivered?

If I order from YPGBooks.co.nz, can I have books delivered to an address outside New Zealand?

What do I do if my order doesn’t arrive?

What do I do if my address changes before I have received all the books in my order (multiple book order with different delivery times)?

What if I don’t have an email address – can I still place an order at YPGBooks.co.nz?

If I’ve moved to a new home/area can I order books free of charge?

What terms & conditions apply to this website (YPGBooks.co.nz)?


YPGBooks.co.nz Book Pricing

How much will my order cost?


General Yellow Pages Group Book Distribution (Not YPGBooks.co.nz deliveries)

Why haven’t my books been delivered as part of the normal annual delivery?

When are the books for my region going to be delivered?

What do I do if I want to complain about the people who delivered my book/s?

What do I do with last year’s directories/books?

If I do not want any directories/books, can I opt out from receiving them?

Does it cost anything to order additional books or out of region books?

Is there anywhere I can get extra sets of directories/books?

Is there a limit of directories I can have delivered to my business?



If I need to call the Yellow® Customer Support Team (0800 803 803), what hours are they open?

What do I do if I have an advertising or non distribution enquiry?

What do I do if I want to ask a question that isn’t listed?